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Hiding : Happens during inheritance (between superclass and subclass).

Shadowing : Happens within a class (between a member variable and local variable).

Examples :

Hiding :

class Parent {

String city = “Dallas”;


class Child extends Parent {

String city =”Zurich”;


“city” in Child hides the one in Parent.

Shadowing :

class Main {

String city = “Dallas”;

void method() {

String city = “Zurich”;



“city”, local variable shadows the member variable.


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Stack and heap memory

What is stored where?

Stack :

– local variables

Heap :

– instance variables

– static variables

– objects

Following  snippet will help to understand better.

stack_heap image

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MS word, Outlook, Spreadsheet, Browsers are some of the examples of heavy weight programs.

Running the above programs concurrently.

Multithreading :
Let’s take Outlook. At the same time it allows to compose a mail, send/receives new mail while typing, prints some mail while typing and send/receiving the mail, this concept is called multithreading.

Reference link which explains with pictures.

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No more remember eclipse plugins url. I know how difficult it is to find the url of each eclipse plugin and install it via ‘Install New Software’. Especially if you are behind office firewall you cannot install those plugins.

Eclipse Helios has resolved those problems introducing ‘Eclipse MarketPlace’.

Benefits of this feature (Eclipse MarketPlace) :

– No more remember the eclipse plugin url’s

– Find which plugins are popular all over the worls

– Trusted Plugins as millions install from here

– Install all those plugins even if you are behind a firewall (eclipse plugin url is not restricted by the firewall)

– Install multiple plugins in a single shot

– Switch to Yoxos catalog

Here is my video where I explained step by step guide to install plugins using eclipse marketPlace.

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Java collection – pic

Java collection pic

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